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E-Z Shift kit MAX IV here now EASY Shifter improvement

E-Z Shift kit  MAX IV  allows easy shifting of the MAX IV

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MAX IV E-Z shift kit:


MAX IV machines since the beginning have been plagued by very poor transmission shifting.

The reasons are long weak shift linkage rods with poor joints, this allows the system to
flex and deliver a lot of loose action.  

Also the T-20 is best described as two transmissions in one case,
when one tries to shift a T-20 one is actually shifting two independent transmissions
in which both require the inside shift gears to be in perfect alignment in order to shift.  This problem
is further compounded by the fact many machines have their idle speed set too high or the belt too
tight.  This causes the transmission to turn too fast while trying to shift.

All this spells poor shifting.

Our E-Z Shift kit allows somewhat independent shifting of each side of the transmission, one side shifts
first then the other side shifts upon slight rotation of the transmission.  This done by the spring loaded brass
pivots  allowing each transmission side to align, therefore shifting on rotation.. 

The E-Z shift kit feature the main rod, springs built out of stainless steel and the pivot machined out of brass
to slow rusting down.  Also includes a Heim-Joint to take some looseness out of the complete shift linkage.
Kits come complete with all attachment hardware as shown on first photo:

Photo 2 and Photo 3 show the kit installed in the correct location, notice orientation.

Our E-Z Shift kit replaces the last shifting clevis linkage, the last link that connects to the diamond shaped T-20 shifters.
Click HERE to see photo of you part that you take off to replace with the E-Z shifter.. 

Operation of E-Z shift kit:  While engine idling move shifter to forward or reverse and hold shifter, slightly increase RPM's
until transmission shifts.  The springs allows transmission to shift independently as internal gears align.

This kit only fits the  MAX IV machines which have a removed shifting clevis rod which is about 8" long,
please measure your old link before ordering.

Please call with any questions or concerns

812-944-1643  8am-6pm Eastern Weekdays

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