KAWASAKI 3010, 4010 Diesel Mule Conversion Kit, to Briggs Vanguard

Kawasaki 3010, 2510 or 4010 Diesel Mule engine conversion kit
Patent Pending

Got a Kawasaki 2510, 3010, 4010 Mule with a blown up diesel engine? Need replacement 950D Diesel engine?

The Kawasaki 3010 Diesel Mule came with the infamous poor Daihatsu 950D engine.
which suffers from poor crankshaft and rod design, along with diesel head overheating problems.

Untill now you had to either do expensive repairs to the Kawasaki 2510. 3010, 4010 Diesel Mule engine or purcahase a new Kawasaki 3010 Diesel engine at cost of over 6000$, or try to find a used one only to have the same problems again!

We have developed a kit to install 16hp-23hp Briggs and Stratton Vanguard gasoline engine into your Kawasaki 3010, 2510 and 4010 Diesel 950D Mule.

The Kawasaki Mule 3010 units came with either a 20hp Kawasaki engine or a three cylinder Daihatsu 950D Diesel engine, both these engines were installed in the same basic machine. The gasoline Mule 3010’s engine versions been very durable while the 950D series Diesel has proved to be very trouble prone.

Our kit allows you to install a Briggs and Statton Vanguard gasoline 16-23hp engine, these engines will power the 2510, 3010, 4010 Diesel Mule well, with the 23 horsepower units actually performing better then the original Kawasaki Mules.

Some features of our Kawasaki 2510, 3010, 4010 Mule diesel engine conversion kit:

1) Maintaines the original enclosed air cooled clutch belt drive system.
2) Keeps the stock engine height, which means the bed still shuts correctly.
3) Removes the entire water cooling system, with both radiators removed.
4) Provides Briggs and Stratton durability, low cost, great parts support.
5) Uses most stock components to lower conversion cost, including the enclosed clutch.
6) Mule is MUCH quieter with Vanguard than rattling diesel.
7 ) Allows you to use your Kawasaki KAF950 Diesel Mule again.

This Kawasaki 2510, 3010, 4010 Diesel Conversion replacement kit supplies only the major items one needs
to do the conversion. You must have the skills necessary to do basic fabrication.
You must be able to wire the engine to the Kawasaki wiring harness. Cut, modify and weld the exhaust system.
We assume you have advanced mechincal skills and can remove unnecessary parts from the Kawasaki Diesel Mules.

You will have to be able to remove the original diesel engine while having the skills necessary to reinstall the
enclosed air cooled clutch housing, which this kit retains. Modify the original throttle cable and install a choke cable.





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