Kawasaki Diesel Mule Complete Replacement Conversion Kit with 23hp Briggs Vanguard


Kawasaki Diesel Mule Whole 23hp Vanguard Conversion replacement Kit

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What’s in the Complete Kawasaki Mule Diesel Conversion replacement Kit:

23hp Briggs Vanguard, with crankshaft modification done
1) Main motor mount: Bolts to original Kawasaki Mule diesel mount craddle.
2) Machined tappered style crankshaft adapter hub, for 1″ Briggs crankshafts
3) Proper length bolt, used to install original air cooled clutch.
4) Laser cut bell housing adapter plate, predrilled mounting holes
5) Three engine spacer plates, each predrilled.
6) Two lift off spacers, used to lift shifter bracket upward.
7) Foam seal, used to seal off enclosed air cooled clutch.
8) Not shown but included with kit, Throttle swivel for throttle cable.
9)  Choke cable
10)  Exhaust manifoid read to attach to your original pipe

Everything needed to do the conversion

Note: Some Parts painted white in photos are to show up in installation directions.
Parts will not be painted white in your kit.

Note:  Kit is supplied with tappered crankshaft adapter, if yours is splined please
call and there is an additional  charge. 

812-944-1643  8am-6pm eastern weekdays

Upon ordering it will take a couple days for us to do the modifications to your engine.
and prepare for UPS shipping.

Due to credit card and PayPal rules for insurance these kits will be shipped
only to your billing address. 



We are availabe to install the kit for you, please call for details
812-944-1643  8am-6pm eastern weekdays

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