Chain Adjusters MAX II Roller Style EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT. set of 2


Modern updated chain adjusters,  MAX II Roller Style,  set of 2

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 A and Richard’s Relics exclusive product:

MAXII modern updated chain adjusters fits all MAX II machines newer than 1971
( Fits all MAX II that had the poor ratchet with flat nylon pads)

Convert your old stipped ratchet, levers to modern NYLON roller, one bolt to adjust system. Fits all MAX II’s  as a direct replacement.

After one adjusts the chain the nylon roller spins with the chain.

These carry a lifetime slippage guarantee for the purchaser, the first lifetime guarantee in AATV’s

These adjusters are priced less than originals which carry no guarantee

Priced as s set of 2, machine does require 4

100% made in the USA

Installation directions

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Weight 4 lbs


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