T-20 Master Seals Gaskets, Thrust Washers, O-rings clips Overhaul MASTER kit


T-20 Master Seal, Gaskets, Thrust Washers,  O-rings, clips,  master overhaul kit

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Fits all versions of the T-20 transmission

Complete gasket and seal kit with thrust washers.

This master kit includes:

(2)   T20-145  Case Gaskets, these are the lasted upgraded gaskets (gaskets colors may vary)
(2)   13-13-193-001  Thrust Washers Carrier Plate
(2)   13-13-193-004  Thrust Washers Ring Gear
(12) 13-13-193-005  Thrust Washers Planetary Gear
(2)   4747E  C clips Input shaft
(2)   4804TT  O-Rings Shift Lever
(8)   4804UU  O-Rings Brake Band Clevis
(2)   AT20-17  Thrust Washers Steel Sun Gear
(1)   T20-106  Oil Seal Input Shaft
(2)   T20-110  Oil Seals Output Shaft


Click HERE  for a complete disassembly guide for the T-20 transmission


Click HERE  for a complete assembly guide for the T-20 transmission

WE ALSO OFFER NEW T-20 BANDS at 85$ each.



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