4 cycle engine clutch pulley 1″ bore


4 cycle engine clutch pulley  1″ bore Comet Salsbury 780

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4 cycle engine clutch pulley  1″ bore Comet Salsbury 780

Fits all 4 cycle engine, Briggs, Tecumesh Honda,  Kohler with a 1″ diameter crankshaft

Has 1″ bore with 1/4″  keyway

Great for 4 cycle engine conversions!

NOTE:  We suggest installing a new belt when ever replaceing clutchs.

1″ bore with 1/4″ keyway. This is a Driver (engine) clutch takes a 1 3/16 -1 1/4″ wide belt.    This new clutch  can be used to replace smaller Comet Dusters, 94C and other  Salsbury 500 . 770 series clutchs. Set up for up to 22 hp 4 cycle engines. This new clutch is heavy duty, it weighs around 7lbs lbs, not a small light clutch. It is 4 7/8″ side to side along crankshaft and overall is 7 1/4″ tall  (diameter). This new clutch would be good on Briggs Stratton Vanguards, Kohler Commands, Robin, Honda, Salsbury, CVTech, CVTech Powerbloc  IBC and most other 4 cycle engines with crankshafts size listed above.

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