High Performance 4 cycle engine clutch pulley 1 1/8″ bore 23-35hp


High Performance 4 cycle engine clutch pulley  1 1/8″ bore 23-35hp 1190-1195 Comet HI-PO clutch


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High Performance 4 cycle engine clutch pulley  1 1/8″ bore 23-35hp 1190-1195 Comet HI-PO clutch

Fits all  High Horsepower 4 cycle engine, Briggs, Tecumesh Honda,  Kohler with a  1 1/8″ diameter crankshaft

This clutch takes a 1 3/16- 1 1/4″  wide belts.  WILL NOT WORK ON ARGO ATV’s

We have other clutchs which will work on ARGO ATV’s 

Has 1 1/8″  bore with 1/4″  keyway

Great for 4 cycle HI-PO engine conversions!

NOTE:  We suggest installing a new belt when ever replaceing clutchs.

New  Comet Duster 1190-1195.  THE CLUTCH IS NEW .    1-1/8″” bore with 1/4″ keyway.  This is a Driver (engine) clutch takes a 1 3/16- 1 1/4″  wide belts.  Clutch part number 302469  This  clutch  can be used to replace  other Comet Dusters, 94C and other  Salsbury 770, 780 and Salsbury 500 model clutchs. Set up for  4 cycle engines. This new clutch, torque converter  is heavy duty, it weighs around 6lbs lbs, not a small light clutch. It is 5 7/8″ wide side to side along crankshaft and overall is 8″ tall  (diameter).  This new clutch would be good on Briggs Stratton Vanguards, Kohler Commands, Robin, Honda, Salsbury, CVTech, CVTech Powerbloc  IBC and most other 4 cycle engines with crankshafts size listed above. Excellent for Lifted Golf cart, ATV, Go Kart, Pulling tractor, 4 cycle conversions, Custom Go Cart Cushman Scooters, Powerblock,  Feterl, John Deere Gator, Landpride Land Pride Treker, Amphibious Recreatives  6×6 Max, Textron Jacobsen UTV or may other uses. 

NOTE:  The 1-1/8″ size with 1/4″ keyway.  Note:  Clutch does come with the special sized  1″ long keyway and special cup washer

NOTE:  This clutch is bored 1-1/8″ diameter all the way through.


THIS IS A REAL COMET DUSTER 1190-1195 CLUTCH, made in the USA.  Not a cheap  reproduction copy clutch  from China.   THIS CLUTCH IS NEW AND IN NEW CONDITION, Still in original box.

NOTE:  This clutch fits only on  1-1/8″ diameter crankshafts. 


NOTE Comet part number 302469 just the way Comet built them.


If you  have any questions as to if this part will fit your machine, please call us at number below:


We stock most parts for MAX  ARGO  ATTEX HUSTLER TERRA TIGER AMPHICAT COOT and many other machines.

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