Rebuild kit kit for Comet Salsbury 4 cycle clutchs


Rebuild kit kit for Comet Salsbury 4 cycle clutchs

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Complete internal rebuild kit Comet Salsbury 780 series clutchs 

Fits all MAX II,  MAX IV, RIM and BUFFALO machines with 14, 16, 8, 20hp engines and others.

Installs in Comet Salsbury engine drive  clutch.

Complete MATCHED set of springs, with complete roller assemblies.

Look at photo with care to make sure yours look like these.


NOTE:  We suggest installing a new belt when ever replaceing driveline parts , See BELT section.


If you  have any questions as to if this part will fit your MAX, please call us at number below:


We stock most parts for MAX  ARGO  ATTEX HUSTLER TERRA TIGER AMPHICAT COOT and many other machines.

You are welcome to call us at 812-944-1643  8am-6pm Eastern weekdays



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