MAX IV O-RIng Chain fits Transmission to rear sprocket “THE BEST” with GOLD masterlink


MAX IV #530 O-Ring Chain fits  Transmission to rear axle sprocket comes with GOLD masterlink


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MAX IV #530 O-RIng Chain fits  transmission to rear  sprocket

This chain is RC  # 530/1   52 links or rollers size fits Transmission to rear axle sprocket 

This chain comes with GOLD anodized master link. This makes finding the masterlink in a installed chain easy!

Each machine takes 2 of these chains

O-Ring chain will out last standard chain many times.  Much less chain adjustment.


NOTE:  This is O-Ring chain, we do offer the standard  chain in another product.

NOTE:  This is not cheap chain, that just breaks in no time., this is a quality chain. The BEST

NOTE:  Photo is a file photo of chain in general, you will receive chain that is described above.

NOTE:  You can upgrade to O-Ring chain, see the MAX IV chain section for this upgrade



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